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i am a man in great pain over great beauty
it's not easy standing on my feet these days
but you know i'm pretty sure
that i've been through worse
and i'm sure i can take the hit

i pushed the bed against the window today
so there'd only be one side
well it's a little less lonely that way
but i'm still dying inside
when i wake up in the middle of the night
no one's gonna tell me i'll be alright

so many thousands of days in my life
that i don't remember
and a small handful of days that
i do hold near to my heart
and one of those days that i remember well
is about me and you

when it's time to look back on my life
most of it won't seem so important
the shit that matters and what i'll really miss
is falling asleep with your arms around me
waking up knowing that you're there
making everything feel right in the world

people sleeping in hazmat suits
taping up their windows
it's a mad mad mad mad mad mad world
and it's hard to make any sense of it
but one thing i know that is true in this world
is the love that i felt for you

being on my feet these days
well it's a wonder i survive
no one taught me how to live or love
i'm running scared
one sweet day i'll be back on my feet
and i'll be alright

i just gotta get back on my feet

copyright 2010


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